The ‘Leka’ solid conservatory roofs system allows you to convert your existing conservatory into a usable space all year round, or simply build from new. We offer a perfect solution with our solid conservatory roofs system that enables any occasionally used conservatory to be transformed into an every-day living space.

Experience Exceptional Warm Solid Roof Installation in Norfolk

When it comes to warm solid roof installations in Norfolk, look no further than the Leka Warm Roof System. Our team has meticulously engineered this innovative solution through advanced techniques, precise design protocols, and extensive practical experience, making it the premier choice for conservatory roof insulation.

Whether you have an older conservatory or are considering a new one, our Leka system is designed to meet the demand for superior conservatory roof insulation while enhancing the overall visual appeal. Discover the benefits of Leka’s exceptional warm solid roof installation in Norfolk today.

Energy saving design

The roof includes solid insulation panels integrated within the structure, achieving an incredibly low U-value of 0.15. Such superior energy efficiency means no more extremes of temperature inside the conservatory, making it a comfortable room in all weathers.

Attractive finish inside and out

The roof can be fitted with slate-style tiles or standard tiles in a range of colours to complement any home. The internal surface of the roof can be finished with a modern plasterboard creating the look and feel of a conventional home extension with lighting and/or roof skylights to compliment.

Why choose solid conservatory roofs?

  • No Compromise on light – All roofs can be fitted with roof lights to maintain the airy feel of a traditional conservatory.
  • Save on extension build costs – Fits simply and easily onto existing conservatory frames.
  • Advanced insulation system – Means you no longer have to constantly heat your conservatory, saving on heating bills.
  • Effective weather protection – Reduced glare from the sun and noise from the rain.

The solid conservatory roofs system can be installed onto an existing PVCu frame system or installed onto new frames or as part of a brand new conservatory.