PVCu fascia boards, barge boards and soffit system provide an attractive and effective alternative to timber.All the products we use are made from hard durable materials and have an exceptional weathering performance, high thermal insulation properties and superior impact resistance.

Durable Materials

The roof perimeter and eaves are among the most exposed elements of a building. Where traditional timber components have been used, these typically need regular maintenance to prevent deterioration, renew paintwork and preserve appearances. These requirements are inevitably expensive, time consuming and disruptive. Rot, insect penetration and general roof deterioration normally starts with old and poorly maintained boards. SSGE roofline products make it possible to eliminate these repetitive tasks.

From detailed measurements, a quote to replace your roofline products can be quickly calculated. From your order our trained installation teams replace your old timbers with PVCu in a choice of colour finished; white, mahogany, rosewood or black ash. Old felt eaves is removed at fascia level and replaced with our ‘Over Fascia Ventilation System’ (OFV) which incorporates continuous ventilation, a plastic layboard and bird & vermin guards.

High Quality Rainwater Products

We have a wide range of rainwater styles including Deep flow, Square, Half round and Classic all in a variety of colours using recognised MARLEY products. As all the materials for roofline installation are high quality, they are much less likely to fade or deteriorate unlike many other cheaper options.

Experienced Installers

Because the work involved is often high and out of sight from from ground level, it is a big temptation for other companies to cut corners. Our experienced surveyor will inspect the property to ensure correct access can be gained over gable ends, extensions, garages, and conservatories, etc and if the work requires any access equipment.