rehaucoloursWindow and door wood grain and coloured profiles have come a long way recently with the demand for choice and quality within the double glazing industry. REHAU are leading the way with their colour coating and colour grain products.

Many home owners now require a bespoke finish to their window and door frames and the choice is much wider with additional options such as Chartwell green and solid grey finishes. The standard wood grain finishes are still available with light oak and rosewood being most popular. Recently the white, cream and Irish oak woodgrain finishes are becoming just as popular with the aesthetic finish being priority with consumers.

The woodgrain laminate foils are durable, scratch resistant, can be easily cleaned and offer high performance and longevity in all types of weather conditions. Window trims and architraves match perfectly to finish the window beautifully. The new range of grained colours include Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Pearl Grey, Irish Oak and Clotted Cream to name a few.

All of these frames have the option of being grained on both sides or as grain on white leaving the internal finish as a standard smooth white best for decorating purposes.

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