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Shows and Promotional Events for SSGE – 2012

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Throughout the course of a year, SSGE tour around many shows, exhibitions and promotional events to promote our product range and services. Using our state of the art display trailer we can quickly set up our displays with many of our products including window and door examples, polycarbonate conservatory roofs, Fascia and roofline samples and

What is the difference between PVCu and uPVC?

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The answer is none. In our country uPVC changed it's name to PVCu in the late 1980's to fall in line with other European countries. They were all calling it PVC-U because European languages mostly place the noun (being PVC in this case) before the adjective (U). So what is PVCu? The 'PVC' part of

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows and the BFRC

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Save money by selecting energy efficient windows which reduce your heating bills. Why you should select energy efficient replacement windows The windows that we select for our homes bring light, warmth, and beauty into them. Poorly selected windows are a major source of heat loss in the winter and can reduce comfort and the amount of effective living