One third of British adults would pay extra for a home kitted out with a renewable energy source, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) have revealed.

A poll by the energy advice group found 35% of people in the UK would be willing to pay more for a home where some of their energy supply came from renewable resources such as solar, wind, or hydro-power.

Nearly half (49%) of those surveyed said they’d like to know whether their current home is suitable for a renewable energy installation.

However, a similar amount (53%) said the high price of installing a renewable energy source – the cheapest solar panel system currently costs over £3,000 – puts them off investing in the technology.

Philip Sellwood, EST chief executive, said despite the high cost of installing a solar panel or wind turbine, the value the installation adds to a property makes the investment worthwhile.

“[Househunters] are willing to pay more for a home with a renewable energy source so investing in a solar panel or a wind turbine could add to the resale value of a property and could be as attractive to househunters as a new kitchen or solid wood floors,” Sellwood said.

The EST also revealed that households are responsible for over a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions.